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About Tahiti Spirits

Set in the beautiful isles of French Polynesia, Tahiti Spirits is the premier producer of a wide range of quality spirits in the South Pacific. Tahiti Spirits has grown from originally starting as a small boutique distillery with the aim of blending a smooth drinking, golden rum with subtle hints of Tahitian Vanilla, to one of the most successful distilleries on Tahiti.

Due to their success the rum range now includes a wide variety of rums, from their signature Noa Noa Tahiti Rhum Brun which features a warm golden colour and subtle smooth hints of vanilla to their line-up of flavoured rums featuring overtones of tropical fruits like orange, coconut and banana.

Tahiti Spirits has also branched out beyond just rum production and now produces their own brand of Vodka, Tequila, Liqueurs and Whiskey. Despite this growth the key concept behind Tahiti Spirits remains the same – to provide the highest quality spirits, with a distinctly Tahitian twist at an affordable price. So when you want to remember your time spent sitting on the white sand beaches staring out over the crystal blue waters of the pacific there is no better companion than a glass of one of the many fine spirits from Tahiti Spirits.